A Special Kind of Hell
It's so hard to live in a mind that constantly questions the very world around you; begging for answers and only getting more questions. So instead of dwelling, all I can do is delve into other worlds not my own.

Emma | 18 | Seattle WA

NSFW || not spoiler free
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life seems to come to a standstill…

when night fog rolls over street lights.
music drowns out rational thought.
totally alone.
a dream.
haunting me.
i long to sit on the edge.
feel the water’s breeze chill me to the bone.
get out.
get away.
the drone of work.
the bus. the crowd. the stench. 
life is not mine.
i don’t belong.
i can’t see an end.
i can’t grasp a point.
body moving through motions. mind absent.
let me be content.
to find excitement in the noise.
step one, step two, step three. 
an equation to death.
the flow we all follow.
just let me be content.
one day, one moment.
escape the crisis.
i can’t take the strain.
let me be content.