A Special Kind of Hell
It's so hard to live in a mind that constantly questions the very world around you; begging for answers and only getting more questions. So instead of dwelling, all I can do is delve into other worlds not my own.

Emma | 18 | Seattle WA

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I’m so fucking lonely it hurts. I am a sad, pathetic, needy human ; i require a love interest or my heart withers. But I don’t want to seek someone out. I just want to feel wanted. Taken care of. But im too young, and I look exhausted all the time, like im dying and depressed; wearing a fake ass smile and a head of messy hair. Constantly fretting about my existence. Burnt out before I ever even got started. I know how young I am, but I feel like im 40, and alone. So fucking alone. I make friends as easy as I breathe; im in a room of people who love me and I still feel alone. When will this pass? Why do I feel like everyone else is getting going, while I wait for nothing. I’m stuck. I want freedom. I want travel. I have no money, I have no time. I don’t look forward to anything real. Nothing helps, and when im alone with my thoughts, I can’t shake the depression. The longing for something I can’t pinpoint. It haunts me.

REBLOG Vor 5 Tagen 4
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Me: I want to cut my hair boy short with layers and get an under cut, dye it white, wear nothng but ripped skinny jeans and studded vests over graphic tees, and refuse to eat and sleep because im too punk rock.
Me: I want hair down to my ass and to wear flowercrowns and dresses, and just ooze glitter like a fucking fairy.